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About Us

Restoration without borders

The International Conservation Foundation (ICF) is passionately committed to the restoration, protection, and sustainable management of public and private lands. We firmly believe in breaking down barriers, be they national, regional, or administrative, when it comes to restoration efforts. Our approach to restoration and reforestation is grounded in the implementation of the best management practices that are tailored to each unique ecosystem and community. Our organization provides unwavering support to project managers, developers, and investors in the fields of natural resource management, forestry, restoration, and sustainable land management. We extend our expertise and assistance to projects on both private and public lands, recognizing the importance of addressing conservation challenges across all landscapes. We strive to foster collaboration and facilitate cross-boundary projects, leveraging economies of scale, efficient management techniques, and improved access to maximize outcomes. By embracing these principles, we aim to reduce costs, enhance quality, and generate a profound and far-reaching impact. At the ICF, our vision is to create a world where the restoration and sustainable management of lands transcend boundaries and create lasting positive change for ecosystems and communities alike. Through our unwavering dedication, expertise, and commitment to excellence, we seek to make a significant and enduring difference in the conservation and management of our precious natural resources.

Our Story

ICF was founded by Octavio Lopez and Johann Lockard in the wake of the 2020 wildfire season. Both looked at what would be needed to address the needs of reforestation, restoration, and sustainable land management. ICF was formed to act as a means to bring projects to reality efficiently, effectively, and sustainably.  The international component of ICF represents access to labor, technical expertise, and projects located along the border between the United States and Mexico. Since the Founding of ICF a strong and diverse board of experienced professionals have been brought together from the industries of education, reforestation, restoration, horticulture, and project management. What is needed is support for the hardworking folks throughout the public and private sector. 

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