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Local Projects, International Support

Leveraging a strong network of national and international experts in forestry, ecological restoration, forestry herbicide application, project management, and program development to support local stakeholders.


The goal is to provide comprehensive support and expertise to ensure the success sustainable initiatives. Through collaboration with our network of experts, we deliver the following services:

Technical Expertise and Advice:

Connect our local partners with experts in forestry, ecological restoration, and herbicide application, who bring extensive knowledge and experience in their respective fields. These experts offer technical guidance, share best practices, and provide advice on project-specific challenges and opportunities. They contribute to the development of sound strategies and help implement effective techniques to achieve project goals.

Project Planning and Design:

National and international experts assist local partners in the planning and design stages of restore, reforest, and protect the land. Provide insights on site selection, species selection, restoration approaches, herbicide application, and project timelines. Their expertise will ensure that project plans are well-informed, scientifically sound, and aligned with industry standards and best practices.

Program Development and Fundraising:

Support local partners in developing comprehensive program frameworks and securing funding for their initiatives. Experts assists in designing program strategies, conducting needs assessments, preparing grant proposals, and identifying potential funding sources. Bringing valuable insights into program development, ensuring that projects are financially sustainable and have the necessary resources for successful implementation.

Quality Assurance and Monitoring:

Our network contributes to quality assurance and monitoring throughout the project lifecycle. Provide guidance on monitoring protocols, data collection methods, and evaluation frameworks. Experts help our partners track progress, measure outcomes, and make data-driven decisions to optimize project performance.

Knowledge Exchange and Networking:

Facilitate knowledge exchange and networking opportunities for our local partners by connecting them with national and international experts. We organize workshops, meetings, and forums where partners can learn from experts, share experiences, and build valuable relationships. These interactions foster collaboration, innovation, and the exchange of ideas and best practices.

Our network of experts ensure that our local partners have access to a diverse range of skills, knowledge, and resources. By combining local stakeholders and expertise with national and international insights, we enable our partners to implement projects that are scientifically robust, environmentally sustainable, and socially impactful.

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