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We provide comprehensive services for project management and project development specifically tailored for reforestation, restoration of degraded lands, and the establishment of sustainable forests.

Project Management


Cover all stages of project implementation, from initial planning to monitoring and evaluation, with a focus on achieving environmental sustainability, social impact, and long-term success. 

Project Implementation and Coordination

Provide project management services to ensure smooth implementation and coordination. Our team assists in procurement, logistics management, and contract administration. We develop work plans, establish project timelines, and allocate resources effectively. With a focus on quality control and adherence to project specifications, we oversee the execution of reforestation, restoration, and forest management activities.

Project Planning and Design:

Assist in the development of project plans, considering factors such as project objectives, target landscapes, ecological goals, and stakeholder engagement strategies. Conduct feasibility studies, site assessments, and land suitability analyses to ensure the selection of appropriate reforestation and restoration techniques. Integrating local context and scientific expertise to develop robust project plans that align with environmental sustainability goals.

Stakeholder Engagement and Consultation:

Facilitate stakeholder engagement and consultation processes to ensure the involvement of local communities, government agencies, NGOs, and other relevant stakeholders. Employ participatory approaches to foster collaboration, promote local ownership, and incorporate diverse perspectives into project decision-making. Building strong relationships and fostering dialogue to enhance the social acceptability and long-term success of projects.

Resource Mobilization and Fundraising:

Support our partners in resource mobilization and fundraising efforts. Help identify potential funding sources, develop grant proposals, and establish partnerships with relevant organizations and institutions. Assist in creating compelling narratives and building strong cases for financial support, increasing the likelihood of securing the necessary resources for project implementation.

Monitoring and Evaluation:

Design and implement monitoring and evaluation frameworks to assess project progress and outcomes. These frameworks can adhere to the requirements of grants, carbon offset methodologies, or funding requirements. Develop indicators, data collection tools, and monitoring protocols to track ecological, social, and economic parameters. Through regular monitoring, we identify potential challenges, measure project impact, and make informed decisions to adapt strategies and optimize project performance. Monitoring is used to determine the success of the project and adherence to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


Reporting and Documentation:

Assist in preparing comprehensive reports, including project progress reports, financial statements, and impact assessments. Our team ensures that projects meet reporting requirements of donors, regulatory bodies, and other relevant entities. We also support the documentation of best practices, lessons learned, and case studies to contribute to knowledge sharing and inform future projects. Every project is concluded with an After Action Review (AAR) available to project partners.


Our project management and project development services aim to deliver successful and sustainable outcomes for reforestation, restoration of degraded lands, and the establishment of sustainable forests. By combining technical expertise, stakeholder engagement, and effective management practices, we enable our clients to implement projects that create positive environmental and social impacts.

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