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ICF is focused on ensuring that reforestation and restoration projects are done successfully. We are working closely with our friends and partners to ensure these projects are accomplished. This support can come in the form of a grant to help cover costs, ESG financing, connecting projects with contractors, or project management. Below are some examples of projects we are looking to support. This support is offered to public and private landowners regardless of size and scale.

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Sustainable Forestry 

Projects that are currently certified or applying for Forest Management Certificate through the Forest Stewardship Council are encouraged to apply for support. Those who are not certified but can state practices and plans in accordance with FSC standards may also apply.


Post-fire Restoration

It can be difficult for landowners to reforest after a devastating wildfire. There can be a flood of inventory diminishing the prices on salvage logging making funding restoration difficult or impossible. Some areas require reforestation of non-commercial species. ICF would encourage landowners (public or private) to apply for support.


Land Improvement Restoration

Support is not limited by species, geography or biome. Many areas require restoration involving shrubs, broadleaf, and other vegetation types not typically grown at commercial levels. These areas are essential for sequestering carbon, habitat, increased water infiltration, and improving air quality.

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