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Reforesting Canada

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This is the time to act and begin the process of reforesting and restoring the forests of Canada. 

More than 3,300,000 hectares (8,150,000 acres) have been lost to wildfire. That is over 500,000,000 trees in just 2023. These forests provide essential habitat and actively work to sequester billions of tons of carbon.

Why act now?

Reforestation takes planning, preparation, and work. These funds will be used to collect seed, grow seedlings, and ensure they are planted throughout the burned areas. With your support we can reforest more than 60,000 hectares (150,000 acres).

The International Conservation Foundation (ICF) is dedicated to the restoration and reforestation of native forests to be preserved and sustainably managed for the benefit of the community, to provide habitat, and address climate change.

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